1-17-10 Ryogoku, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0026 Japan
Tel: +81-3-5638-0521 Fax: +81-3-5638-0524

Company philosophy

Stock Kojima International Inc. is aiming to contribute to create a rich life & culture by stabilizing its business base, developing new business fields and considering environmental subjects from a global point of view.
Aiming at being a sound and open company, we do our best in all areas by respecting each member's personality and independence.

Out line

  • Start: 1 March, 1929
  • Foundation: 31 May 1947
  • Name of Company: Stock Kojima International, Inc.
  • Representative: Jyunpei Ikegami / President
  • Capital: 100 milion yen
  • Type of business: Wholesaler for natural skins and leather
  • Number of employee : 18


Handling Goods

Bovine side leather, Sheep and Goatskins, Pigskins for handbags, small goods, luggage, belts, garments and leather crafts.

Principal Countries Trading with

South Africa, Italy, France, Spain, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh, South Korea, China, Brazil, India, Pakistan

Member of

The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Japan Leather Traders Association


Mizuho Bank, Ltd.

Associated Company

Kojima Co., & Ltd.